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To Our Community on International Women's Day

On a day that is marked to celebrate the role of women in our world we wish to reflect on why such a day is needed.

In the small villages and towns in which many of our girls live, the dignity enjoyed by women in countries like Canada is scarce.

Girls are often considered a burden, just an extra set of hands, a mouth to feed in households that barely subsist. The rush to get her married before she is even an adult is real.

If a girl is lucky enough to access education and stay in school, she could yet be one of the over 60 million girls who is sexually assualted on her way to school or in a bathroom she has to share with males.

Often these challenges are too much for both girl and parent. Before long she drops out, and drifts into a life of brutal rural agriculture, low-paying daily labour, and many times abuse from a spouse.

International Women's Day was created to draw attention to the plight of women and girls who have not been given the opportunity to flourish and fully participate in our world.

The Mariam Society wants to give these girls a real chance.

An opportunity to access their talents.

An education that can set them free.

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