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The Spark

Join our community of monthly donors
empowering girls through education.

The Spark is a group of
like-minded and committed givers who are on a mission to change the lives of girls living in poverty, through education.

Check out why monthly giving is so important.

Monthly donations are key to

sustainable change in the life of a girl

By joining The Spark you can walk with her as she journeys to financial independence.


Your $28 monthly donation funds one year of education for a girl in rural India


Send four girls to school with

a one-time donation of $1300


Send a girl to school for one year

with a one-time donation of $336 


Yes, people support girls' education, as it brings self-confidence. Nowadays education is necessary for everyone. Other girls from our neighbourhood are now also going to school. Things are changing, but there is still a long way to go. - Vaibhavi

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