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Summer Newsletter 2019

Our Work has Begun!


In early July 2019, the first group of girls directly supported by Mariam Ambassadors and donors entered into high-school with a promise for a future forever changed. 

Because of the generosity of our Mariam Ambassadors and sponsors, our girls were able to pay their fees, and purchase books and uniforms for the coming school year. 

Check out our girls heading to school!


Two sisters, ANKITA and TANUSHRI RAMTEKE, both sponsored by Dr. Anjali Anselm, have a special message thanking her and the Mariam Society for the ability to continue school this year.


We are most proud to announce that 52 girls have been sponsored to date!

With full hearts we thank everyone who came out to our launch on April 6th, to each woman who hosted a Mariam Sharing Event in her home, and the individual Ambassadors and donors who support the Mariam Society.

Their generosity has given our girls the intangible gift of opportunity, and they are now on their way to meet a better future.


There's still time to sponsor!

You too can be part of our life-changing work by becoming a Mariam Ambassador.

Every Ambassador changes a girl's life directly, so take the time today to make your commitment to her. 

Click here to download a sponsorship form. Or call/text us directly at (647) 390-8331 to find out how you can send a girl to school.

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