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Meet Dr. Sapna Makhija, Mariam Society Gold Ambassador

A heartfelt thank you to Mariam Society members who have gone above and beyond to support our programs through their generous contribution of strategic guidance, fundraising efforts and financial donations.

Sapna is an ardent advocate for mentorship and the empowerment of girls, and has spearheaded fundraising for our mission in the community and through social media efforts. She became passionate about mentorship after having experienced multiple moves in her senior high-school years. She believes that with the right guidance and education, young women can dream big and break through glass ceilings around the world. Sapna has been a mentor and volunteer for the Girls E-Mentorship program in Toronto, and is excited for the international scope of mentorship with the Mariam Society. She is a Gastroenterologist and co-founder of G.I. Health Centre. Outside of her medical practice, she’s passionate about travel, photography, and health and wellness.

Sapna Makhija, MD, Mariam Society Gold Ambassador

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