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Our Girls in India's Pandemic

June 2021

Dear Mariam Society Members, The second wave of COVID-19 in India has been devastating to our girls and their communities. In this time of need we want to share with you a quick update, and some light of hope despite all that is happening in their young lives. As we head into the summer of 2021, rural communities in India are seeing a huge spike in cases and deaths due to the global pandemic. Migrants, afraid of contracting the virus in cities, are travelling home and spreading it far and wide amongst the most vulnerable communities.

Villages are seeing upwards of three-quarters of residents infected, with many family members dying due to no access to proper medical care. India's rural hospitals, if they exist at all, have been so severely neglected by the public health system, there are no beds, no doctors, and no oxygen for those who fall ill.

Village Hospital in Rural India. Most physicians attend to patients for only a few hours, and have to move on to other hospitals also desperate for care.

In the Darkness there is Hope...

As always, our girls continue to astound us with their resilience and commitment to their futures. During this terrible time they have focussed on their studies, attending classes remotely. Friends have come together, using cellphones to access online lessons and learn in groups.

We are most pleased to share, all 65 girls have persevered and have completed year 2 of our program! We are certain that it is your support that has kept these girls in school, especially this past year. Thank you all for your generosity.

Here are Jhanvhi and Shravani sharing a bit about what's happening in their homes and communities, and the very real challenges their families are facing at this time.

Jhanvi - sponsored by Antoinette A

Shravani - sponsored by Dr. Nicky M.


BIG NEWS! goeasy & The Mariam Society

The Mariam Society is thrilled to announce that goeasy Financial, one of Canada's leading financial institutions, will be raising funds to support our work! goeasy's Women In Leadership program, has a goal of sponsoring 50 additional girls through the Mariam Society for the coming school year. More to come on this very exciting initiative.

Watch Andrea Fiederer, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer announce the company's support at the Annual Conference in May 2021.



Year 3 of our Mission

Looking to the future, we are excited about what lies ahead. As vaccines rollout globally, with a focus on India especially, we believe our girls have a lot to look forward to in the coming school year. The Mariam Society had a plan to support our girls for 3 critical years of school. Our campaign for 2021/2022 Sponsorship Renewals will begin shortly. We look forward to reconnecting and hope you will continue your support through our final year on this journey.

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