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November 2022

Dear Mariam Society Members,

We are thrilled to announce that in November 2022, after a long application process, the Mariam Society was officially approved as a tax-exempt charitable entity in Canada. This is huge!

When our founder, Gita first had the inspiration to start this work, helping women get out of poverty in rural India, she reached out to a charity lawyer who told her becoming a charity was very complex and expensive; up to $20K in legal fees. His good advice was "why don't you just raise money and give it to an existing charity; it's way easier". Although disheartened she persevered wanting to do something unique and from her heart, even if only off the side of her desk, and in small gaps of her busy life.

What we realized was becoming a charity first needed a credible track-record, which we built over the past three years in partnership with Grameen Foundation India, and with your generous donations. To date we have sponsored the education of 115 girls.

The second thing we needed was lawyers. Amazing lawyers. This is when fate intervened. Jason Mullins, CEO of goeasy Inc., the Mariam Society's first corporate sponsor, put us in touch with Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP , who took on our application, pro bono.

After almost a year in the process, we got news earlier this month that our application was approved!

The Mariam Society now offers Annual Tax Receipts for donations.

Furthermore, charitable status gives us the opportunity to grow in ways we never thought possible, including corporate donors, foundations and corporate donation matching programs. This will all help us to achieve our new goal, of sending 1000 girls to school by 2030.


Each one of you, dear donors, has been a critical part of our journey to date. And we invite you to join the next exciting phase of growth and expansion.

Watch for Charity Launch Updates in your inbox and online at

Hope to see you at the party!

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