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2023 Impact Report

The Mariam Society launches as a registered charity with 200 girls in our education sponsorship program.

We want to educate 4000 girls living in poverty in rural India & need your help to get there. 

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Our work

40% of girls in India aged 15 to 18 do not attend school. 30% of girls from the poorest families have never set foot in a classroom.

School dropout rates amongst adolescent girls in India are extremely high due to education costs, and a need to help with housework while parents are working long hours away from home.​ The Mariam Society wants to change this, one girl at a time. ​

In partnership with global experts Grameen Foundation India, we fund Annual Education Scholarships making it easy for parents to keep their girls in school, and Empowerment & Financial Literacy Workshops that build her financial confidence and capabilities.

Spark change

Educating a girl is the single greatest contributor to improving her lifetime earnings, reducing child marriage and domestic abuse, and lifting her from poverty. 

Education takes ongoing investment, and it begins with you today. You can give once, or through The Spark, our community of monthly supporters, and directly fund the education

of a girl in rural India.


Get the latest news 

Education changes
a girl's life

Listen to Tanushree, Diksha and Asmita share their stories, and how the Mariam Society helped them stay in school. 

Investing in educating a girl will give her the knowledge, skills and confidence to make decisions about her life, contribute to her community, and better compete in the labour market over the course of her lifetime.


Change happens the moment you hit “give”. Over 90% of your donation goes directly towards educating and empowering our girls in rural India. 


Help us reach our goal of sending 4000 girls to school by 2030.

Since our work began in 2019


283 scholarships funded for girls most at risk of dropping out


100% of our girls stayed in school despite the global pandemic 


3 rural communities in India have started to transform

Meet the founder 

Gita Banks was born in Mumbai, India, and as a young child, saw girls her age living on the streets with no opportunity to go to school. Hear her story and why she started the

Mariam Society. 

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